Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Andrew and I celebrated our Thanksgiving by enjoying each other's company, watching the news, planning our Black Friday plan of attack and sitting down to a big homecooked meal thanks to my new learned skills in the kitchen.

I took pictures the entire way through my cooking adventure so that I could document it here.  Prepare yourself. :-)

I made the homemade cranberry sauce the night before.  It was so sweet and delicious.
I baked three pies the night before as well. I always bake my friend, Buffy, two pies for holidays.  So I thought we'd split three pies between us and have a variety this year.  I made Key Lime, Pumpkin and Pumpkin cheesecake.

After delivering pies, I started tackling the turkey.  I wish I could have taken a picture of my face.  I still think its amazing I touched something so cold and slimy with my bare hands.

Turkey Seasoning

Leonard was having none of this cooking stuff.

This was Pan's first Thanksgiving so he had to check everything out.

I was so proud (and relieved) once I got our 10 pound bird in the oven.

Fresh cut green beans.

Ambrosia Salad.  Andrew and I decided that this was the star of the show.

So rich and yummy.  I could have eaten the whole thing.

Homemade mashed potatoes!!

My man carving the turkey.  It's a man's job he informed me.  Well, okay...get to it Drew! :-)

So proud of my first Thanksgiving meal.

Andrew relaxing with Leonard after our big meal.

Me and my Leonard. Pure sweetness and love.

I caught him giving Leonard a bite of a biscuit.

Best Thanksgiving yet.  I loved every moment.


What can I say?  The Vickers' get into the Holiday spirit. ;-)  This is mom on Thanksgiving.  Oh yeah, just wait till Christmas. Will she be Mrs. Claus?  An elf? The Grinch?  I'll start accepting the bets now.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Class Sweetheart :-)

The St. Pete Time's printed my cooking class story yesterday.  I won't lie, I bought 11 newspapers. :-)  It was so exciting to read the story and to remember how much fun I had at the class.  Many of my patients were calling me at work to wish me congratulations and a couple even brought in the paper for me.  Very sweet. :-)  It was such a wonderful time...I definitely need to treat myself to another class soon.

See hyperlink in the post below to see the online version of the story and a picture of me looking mortified as I put my hand inside the cold turkey. ;-)

Wishbone U. helps challenged cooks survive Thanksgiving heat in the kitchen - St. Petersburg Times

Wishbone U. helps challenged cooks survive Thanksgiving heat in the kitchen - St. Petersburg Times

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Holidays are Here :-)

I know we rush the holidays.  I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet.  But I gave into the urge.  Today I went to Michael's and I invested in a little bit of holiday cheer.  I made the world's smallest (and least expensive) Christmas door wreath ever. (I'm trying to encourage the bugs to stay away) and I bought three bags of cinnamon scented pinecones and decorative baskets to make my apartment 1) Feel a litte more like home 2) Smell a little more people friendly and 3) Help myself become less grouchy and get into the holiday spirit. :-)

Lyn and Pan

Don't let the innocent look of Pan fool you.  He is pure rascal.  Lyn, on the other hand, is pure sweetness.  I love all three of my cats dearly.   They are all so different...I know, I know I'm destined to be the Old Cat Lady.  But I just love them...they bring so much joy, smiles and laughter into my life.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

On Sunday mornings I take my time waking up.  I make my coffee.  I scoot around in my pink fuzzy slippers.  I open the door and grab my Sunday newspaper (Ha Papi! In the city they throw it right at your door...no walking through dew and getting wet feet in the dark!  And they deliver it early...I don't have to threaten murder).  And then Lyn and I settle down, turn on Fox and enjoy waking up at our own pace. 

On The Mend

Andrew is feeling much better.  I am happy to report that although there were times when I thought his foot was going to fall completely off (just kidding, sort of) the doctors say that it is healing slowly but surely.  He is still on crutches but I've got my fingers crossed that by Thanksgiving I'll be able to talk him into taking Line Dancing lessons.  That would be a hoot.  I can always ask my brother, Nick, for personal lessons as he is a pro.  Beware, Drew next time we head to Trenton you're in for some These Boots Were Made for Walking boot-scootin'.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Red Chief

Grandmaw made the grandkids Thanksgiving hats.  I could only catch Pan to put his on.  He is, of course, an Indian.  Lyn and Etch are pilgrims, however they are MIA at the moment.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cooking School Success!

October was a crazy busy month for me!   I'm just now going through my pictures and updating my blog and I see that I never posted an update about how amazing the Cooking School event was.  I absolutely loved it.  From the moment I got there I knew that it was going to be great.  Everything was so organized and everyone was so friendly.  There were two chefs and one great big learning kitchen.   Each of the students got their own little station around the stove.  I was chosen to be the Turkey stuffer.  (I didn't know there was stuff inside the turkey you had to pull out first! Gross!  I made the most digusted face.)

The food was simply amazing and the class was so much fun.  I so enjoyed every minute of it.  I promised myself on the way to Tampa to the cooking school that I would try everything we cooked.  Even the squash was good.  Each student got a little take home packet including all the recipes and detailed instructions.  I feel totally confident that Andrew and I are going to have the sweetest and most romantic Thanksgiving ever...with some really great food.  The newspaper story runs on November 17th so I will be sure to share how it turns out.

Welcome November

As many of you know Andrew had major foot surgery last month.  He is still on crutches but I believe we are over the hump and are heading slowly in the direction of a full recovery!  Yay! He is so ready to be off the crutches and get back into the gym and just back to normal life. 

We decided we needed a dinner out this past weekend. (I've been doing some cooking and I do believe I'm getting the hang of it, if I do say so myself.)  Sweet Drew treated to me to Kobe's.  Kobe's is my favorite restaurant ever.  I just love the atmosphere and the chefs and the food is amazing.  We had a wonderful time...it was so nice to go on a date with my man.  He is ever the charmer.  :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Girls

Etch loves to sit on my lap while I'm on the computer.  She is very beautiful (she is kinda normal looking but all moms think their children are the cutest...I'm no exception.)   :-) Happy Monday!

Ironing...My New Hobby

I have never been crafty.  I have tried almost everything...knitting, scrapbooking, painting, pottery, etc but never succeeded.  But I have officially found my hobby calling.  I am now an iron-on specialist.  I love it.  Today I made a little play shirt for Miss A.C. and a pair of gym shorts for me.  (Andrew and I go to different gyms so he'll never know lol)


These peeps don't have anything on me now that I have my new ride. Roll Tide!

Who Dat in her new Swagger Wagon?

I bought a second car.  Trying to save a little bit of gas money.  Why drive this?

When I can drive this?  Feel of a sedan....view of an SUV.  For me, it's a complete no-brainer.
Don't hate.  Just because you don't ride in style doesn't mean I shouldn't. :-)