Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Wednesday Off

This is my "short" week which basically means I work 14 hours Tuesday and 14 hours Thursday but the rest of the days are mine!  Monday I ran all sorts of errands, one of which included changing my door decoration to Fall! So tomorrow ( which I paused to look up in the dictionary for the 869th in my life to see if it has 1 or 2 m's....but while I was perusing I came across "tomfoolery" which Big Ole Webster defines as 'silly or prankish behavior') is my Wendnesday off and will be spent sleeping in, drinking enough coffee to induce heart papiltations, maybe catching Gretchen on Fox and Friends if I mosey out of the bedroom early enough, time with the 'kids' and hopefully a good homecooked (or microwaved) meal at the end of the day with my Drew. 

Oooooh but now that I've got tomfoolery on my mind I just might have to put my newfound knowlegde into action and get out and about and stir up some trouble down here in The Land of God's Waiting Room.  Watch out you crazy Red Hat People...Your Pharmacist is on the loose!

Date Night

Andrew has been flying in and out of Florida so many times these past couple weeks I'm beginning to forget what he looks like and feels like when he's wrapping me up into a big bear hug.  He's home for a couple days straight and we're going to enjoy every second. The above pictures are from Saturday's Date Night at The Outback. Yum.  In fact, Outback was the site of our first official date!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We had a flu clinic yesterday at my store and so both my pharmacy manager and I were there.  She convinced me to get a flu shot and for me to give her one.  I'm currently undergoing the Immunization Training, however, at this point I'm not certified and she was taking her life into her own hands.  This is me getting my flu shot.  I wouldn't say it hurt but it was definitely a little uncomfortable.  There are no pictures of her because they had to haul her off in an ambulance. Kidding, thank Goodness.  Mom and Dad I know you both are reading this.  You both need to call and schedule a flu shot.  Seriously. Please and Thank You.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Naps

Continuing Education (CE) is boring.  I use it to help me fall asleep and apparently so does Pan.

A Side Note

I was so tired from Busch Gardens yesterday I fell asleep on the couch.  I never do this.  Today this is what I look like and feel like and am walking like.  I can't wait to see the looks on people's faces later at the Target. ;-)  Is this treatable with Aleve and/or Starbucks coffee? 
Le Titan (The Titan)
    Le Titatn -- He's our resident strong man. You can spot him by his bald head, grey robe and mechanical leg kicking walk. He's a solitary figure, unfriendly and threatening. He marches assertively through the world of La Nouba, like a nightmare waiting to take over a sweet dream.
I expect I'll need a double shot of expresso to feel like my White Pants guy that I have a crush on from La Nouba.

Busch Gardens Saturday

Yesterday Melanie, Kyle, Sylvi, Chad and I braved the Florida heat and humidity and had a blast at Busch Gardens in Tampa.  Ten minutes into the park I had to get ice cream (no, really, my sugar was low) and after that we headed to see the kangaroos and wallabies.  Apparently, last time this gang went Walter the Wallaby (I'm sure this is his God given name) came out from behind his enclosure and said hello.  Maybe I gave off a bad wallaby vibe because this time Walter was nowhere to be seen.
I sure hope the pale kangaroo remembered his SPF 45.  As we continued on throughout our day, Kyle became a little mischievous.  Here you can see him sneaking up on Chad (who wanders off like a three-year-old every chance he gets) and holding him under the rollercoaster rails so the water splashes them.  It was hilarious!  Poor Chad was soaked!
We voted to relax for awhile so we headed for the train.  Here I met my future Sugar Daddy, the Train Conductor.  Don't hate. I can't help it if I find all the hotties.  Russell and I will be eloping next weekend. Sorry Drew, that's what you get for flying out to Ohio.  While the Yankee's away, his girl will say Choo Choo!
After the Train, I hitched a ride on a turtle and got absolutely nowhere.  They are not lying when they say these things move at a snail's pace.
Here a bird (or is it a duck? and how do you tell the difference?) is asking the turtle, "Sir, which way to the Lions?"  To my knowlegde the turtle didn't respond.
Unlike the duck/bird, we humans could follow the signs so we headed to the Lion areas.  How rude of us not to take along the duck/bird.  Rude.
I love the lions.  They are so peaceful and beautiful.  They remind me of my three kids except for the peaceful part.
I had such a good time!  It is so good to be around friends and to be able to just relax and belly laugh (and soon belly dance).  I bought an annual pass so I will be going back soon...hopefully next time Drew will be able to come with us.  :-)

Shake Your Bon Bon, Shake Your Bon Bon

And for Halloween I'm going to be.....A Bellydancer.  Please remember to wear your sunglasses.  A big thank you goes to Mrs. Melanie for providing the foundation of learning in this powerful art of shaking your torso (or is it your posterior?).  Just wait till I master this...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ghostman on Second

Friday.  My weekend has started!  Why on earth would I schedule a workout with my trainer? (Yes, I have a trainer.  There is no way in the world I could possibly drag my lazy self to the gym if I didn't pay this CrazyMan to meet me there at an appointed time to show me how to do things I've been doing since 7th grade.) 

Nick and I used to play baseball in the yard and because there were just two of us we'd have to have "Ghostmen" to hold the spots on the bases.  Hmmm...I wonder if I can send a Ghostman to the gym today?  (And I'd like to reap the benefits of the workout please and thank you.)  Let's see if this works.  Ghostman to the gym!!!! Ghostman to the gym!!  Ghostman to the gym!! (like Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!)  Dang.  Nothing happened. Now where are my sneakers?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pack Me In Ice

Today I went for an oil change.  Oh, yes I did.  At the dealership.  Where I bought my car and the care package they offered. (Huge mistake. Slap yourself if you ever think of doing it.)  I had an appointment. Yep, an appointment.  At 10 a.m. in the morning.  Wednesday morning. (While everybody else in America should be at work or asleep or yelling at their pharmacist for not getting their prescription (do you want your prescription right, or right now?)  ready in 15 minutes.  Apparently those tattooed hotties down there at the Jiffy Lube know some great big secret that Mr. Ford and his employees haven't been enlightened to.  Jiffy Lube can change your oil in 15 minutes or less AND vaccuum your car out as well as wipe down the windows.  Fifteen minutes or less...and there is no screaming, foot stamping, name calling, or heavy sighs involved.  They politely refer to you as Miss, smile at you, and offer you free coffee and lots of winks from their workers in the bays.  And in fifteen minutes you're back in traffic in the city of God's Waiting Room battling the masses of 80 year old's driving their Grand Marquis blindfolded.  Not so when you take your Zoom Zoom down to the dealership where you have prepaid  maintenaine for the life of your car.  Here you have time to do eight hours of continuing education, count the spider veins forming on your legs from standing 14 hours a day, and if you're lucky get a beginner lesson in a foreign language from your fellow waiting area patrons.

Today it took one hour to change my oil.  That's right one hour of my life that I'll never get back was spent waiting at the dealership for an oil change. Yep, just an oil change.  No engine light on, no funny squeaking noises to do dectective work on, no brain surgery, or bombs to deactivate. Just an oil change.  And when I politely inquired as to when my car might be ready to proceed into battle again on the roadways the Manager looked at me, tilted his head like a new puppy confused at why you're  mad at him for chewing a shoe, and replied, "Ma'am, it takes a lot more time than you know to complete an oil change."  Slap me. I'm not a mechanic but seriously?  And then he says, "After reveiwing your records from last time, it looks like we got you out a lot quicker this time."  Three months ago I was there for one hour and forty-five minutes for scheduled oil change.  Ummmm....Thank you?

Monday, September 13, 2010

"The Pharmacist Song" by Wade Quick

Out Came The Sun

Yesterday I decided either I was turning yellow, my hair had gradually turned orange overnight, or that I was in dire need of some new makeup.  Something was just not right and hadn't been right for quite sometime.  I'd spend 15 minutes putting on makeup in my bathroom in the morning and then later while driving in my car I'd pull down the mirror and be surprised at what color my eyeshadow really was. Something had to be done.

Drew is into lights. Lights of all kinds.  It's kind of his thing.  I sent him a text explaining my dilema and he offered to meet me at the Home Depot.  That store is on the top of my most disliked stores list.  You walk in there and its just huge.  You can't find anything.  The people in their orange aprons are very helpful and inquisitive but not to the point where I feel comfortable going in there by myself.  But I thought if Andrew was willing to meet me there and hold my hand I just might be ok. :-)  Within 10 minutes my Oompa Loopma problem had been solved.  We picked out new lights...

So gone are the yellow lights and now everything looks like its bathed in the most beautiful color of sunlight!
And today I will be going back to Home Depot and purchasing more bulbs.  No more Oompaa Loompa...my entire apartment is going to be bright and sunshiny!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Table For Two, Please

Some of my most favorite times with Andrew are spent at 7:30pm on the nights we meet at my apartment for supper.  I have become ever the kitchen princess in the last couple of months and enjoy cooking dinner on my days off so we can stay in and relish the peace and quiet.  Cooking has been...an experiment...shall I say?  I'm getting more comfortable with it and every now and then I'll even branch out and not serve Shake N Bake chicken. (Although, not tonight, because I've already decided that's on the menu.) 

I started collecting random plates at my "treasure" stores for our dinner nights.  I only buy two at a time so a lot of times I can get them for a steal.  I picked out several pieces of fabric a month or so ago when my mom was visiting and she made them into placemats and cloth napkins for me. (Thank you Mami!)  I just love getting my little table set up for company.  :-)  My man is such  good company and I love every single minute of it.

Today I set the table at 1:30pm in the afternoon...I just love looking forward to it.  It makes my apartment feel more like a home and makes me smile knowing that in a few hours I'll be drinking a glass of wine, eating a dinner I cooked successfully, and laughing and talking with the guy I love. It truly is a newfound "hobby" of mine.  Who would have thought?  Maybe there are some southern roots in me after all. :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quit with the pictures, Lady!

Pan is not a lap cat.  He prefers to torture Leonard and Eleanor and he is not sure who I am and why I keep trying to hold him and get him to say cheese for the camera.  Um...can't you see I have stuff to chew on and litter rocks to throw on the floor?  Don't interrupt.  Rude. I don't go around bothering you. Lol.  My coke baby.

Baby It's Cold Outside! Fake.

Today I'm like the witch off the Wizard of Oz.  "I'm melting, I'm melting!" When is the heat going to break?  It is so hot and humid here in Florida. I spend 30 minutes straightening my kinky hair (Thanks, Dad for the weird hair) and walk outside and it looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet.  And to make matters worse, my apartment borders up on a lake (rentention pond) so I have ten billion little insects that hover around my door breaking their necks trying to get in to enjoy the air conditioning.  I wait until I get into my car to put on lip gloss because of these little critters.  I know it's gross, but if I walk outside with gloss on by the time I get the door locked (15 seconds) I've 20 little bugs stuck to my lips.  I must eat 10 of them each morning.  I'm hoping they're full of protein. Hurry up winter! (or at least hurry up something different than 1 million degrees and 400% humidity).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nail Salon - Anjelah Johnson - Comedy Time

MAD tv - Bon Qui Qui at King Burger

Top Ten Things Not To Say To Your Pharmacist

10.  "Five minutes ago." (In response to when would you like to pick up your prescription?) This is in no way funny. It makes me wish I was Edward Scissorhands and could reach out and Zoro you.
9.  "I'm picking up." (Followed by complete silence. No kidding, lady, are you really?? Would you like to say your name?  Or are you feeling lucky and do you want me to just turn around and pick one of the 400?)
8. "Where's the real pharmacist?" (To which my standard answer has become "McDonald's, she got hired as a shift supervisor.")
7. Nothing. Just fling your credit card down and stare at me like a prisoner just released from Death Row.  Manners no longer exist in today's world.  I just stare right back.  I'm there for 14 hours...I'll bet I can wait them out. Let's try this again..."Hi, how may I help you? Hello! I'm picking up for Minnie Mouse.  Here's her card.  There should be one prescription." Perfect!!!
6. "That prescription is supposed to be free. I don't pay for anything here." The term is "no charge." Learn it. And get a job.  I'm tired of supporting you and your 4 kids with all different last names. 
5. "You people." The company I work for is a name tag Nazi. My name is not "You People."  Have a little class.
4. "It costs how much??!!!??" Heaven forbid people take any initiative in learning about their prescription insurance plan.  Copays, deductibles, donut holes, and formularies are my responsibility to know for each and every single patient I come into contact with (Seriously do you think I have a roladex in my head?).  It's not a flea market or a yard sale...you can't barter down the price.
3. "I want to speak to your Manager." This is not a Waffle House.  I'm the bosslady.  If you don't like it please take your prescription for your #300 painkillers that you are going to crush and inject into your arm to another pharmacy. Thank you.
2. "You need to call my doctor."  You need to call your own doctor.  And no your doctor doesn't work on the weekends or holidays. Unlike you, he/she spent a million years and a million dollars on school and deserves to have those days off without being paged by you because you ran out of your dandruff shampoo. Plan ahead.  Your failure to plan is not my emergency.
1. "Do you have any blue Roxy's?" This area is crawling with drug abusers.  Several pain clinics across the brigde, along with several pill mills got shut down a little over a month ago.  They are like ants out of an anthill just run over by a mower tryinng to get their hands on narcotics right now.  It's crazy and scary.

Ice Ice Baby

This moring my dad sent me this video by my phone. I think he knew I needed a good laugh.  It was taken about 5 years ago while we were cleaning up after Carrie's Bridal Tea.  It's kind of hard to see but its my mom and I dancing to Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby. Prepare yourself.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Downtown Disney

Andrew and I left Largo around 2:00pm yesterday and headed out for our mini vacay in Orlando. 
We checked into our hotel and then headed down to Downtown Disney.

There were soooo many people at Downtown Disney.  I had forgotten that it was actually a holiday weekend.

We had such an amazing time...the show was so entertaining. Such incredible atheletes.