Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Wednesday Off

This is my "short" week which basically means I work 14 hours Tuesday and 14 hours Thursday but the rest of the days are mine!  Monday I ran all sorts of errands, one of which included changing my door decoration to Fall! So tomorrow ( which I paused to look up in the dictionary for the 869th in my life to see if it has 1 or 2 m's....but while I was perusing I came across "tomfoolery" which Big Ole Webster defines as 'silly or prankish behavior') is my Wendnesday off and will be spent sleeping in, drinking enough coffee to induce heart papiltations, maybe catching Gretchen on Fox and Friends if I mosey out of the bedroom early enough, time with the 'kids' and hopefully a good homecooked (or microwaved) meal at the end of the day with my Drew. 

Oooooh but now that I've got tomfoolery on my mind I just might have to put my newfound knowlegde into action and get out and about and stir up some trouble down here in The Land of God's Waiting Room.  Watch out you crazy Red Hat People...Your Pharmacist is on the loose!

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  1. Watch out my little princess...your mom is a "Red Hat-ter"....and I even bought my first "Hat Pin" on e-Bay....a beautiful red rose one! I am "Up-Town" now! Have a wonderful day off and know that Dad and I and Nick and "Abbie" (the dog) love you with all of our hearts!