Monday, September 13, 2010

Out Came The Sun

Yesterday I decided either I was turning yellow, my hair had gradually turned orange overnight, or that I was in dire need of some new makeup.  Something was just not right and hadn't been right for quite sometime.  I'd spend 15 minutes putting on makeup in my bathroom in the morning and then later while driving in my car I'd pull down the mirror and be surprised at what color my eyeshadow really was. Something had to be done.

Drew is into lights. Lights of all kinds.  It's kind of his thing.  I sent him a text explaining my dilema and he offered to meet me at the Home Depot.  That store is on the top of my most disliked stores list.  You walk in there and its just huge.  You can't find anything.  The people in their orange aprons are very helpful and inquisitive but not to the point where I feel comfortable going in there by myself.  But I thought if Andrew was willing to meet me there and hold my hand I just might be ok. :-)  Within 10 minutes my Oompa Loopma problem had been solved.  We picked out new lights...

So gone are the yellow lights and now everything looks like its bathed in the most beautiful color of sunlight!
And today I will be going back to Home Depot and purchasing more bulbs.  No more Oompaa entire apartment is going to be bright and sunshiny!

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  1. What in the world is "Oompaa Loompa" ??? You are so funny or should I say now "sunny"!