Sunday, September 12, 2010

Table For Two, Please

Some of my most favorite times with Andrew are spent at 7:30pm on the nights we meet at my apartment for supper.  I have become ever the kitchen princess in the last couple of months and enjoy cooking dinner on my days off so we can stay in and relish the peace and quiet.  Cooking has experiment...shall I say?  I'm getting more comfortable with it and every now and then I'll even branch out and not serve Shake N Bake chicken. (Although, not tonight, because I've already decided that's on the menu.) 

I started collecting random plates at my "treasure" stores for our dinner nights.  I only buy two at a time so a lot of times I can get them for a steal.  I picked out several pieces of fabric a month or so ago when my mom was visiting and she made them into placemats and cloth napkins for me. (Thank you Mami!)  I just love getting my little table set up for company.  :-)  My man is such  good company and I love every single minute of it.

Today I set the table at 1:30pm in the afternoon...I just love looking forward to it.  It makes my apartment feel more like a home and makes me smile knowing that in a few hours I'll be drinking a glass of wine, eating a dinner I cooked successfully, and laughing and talking with the guy I love. It truly is a newfound "hobby" of mine.  Who would have thought?  Maybe there are some southern roots in me after all. :-)

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  1. I have been informed by many that the silverware are set incorrectly. LOL. Rest easy...that shall never happen again.