Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busch Gardens Saturday

Yesterday Melanie, Kyle, Sylvi, Chad and I braved the Florida heat and humidity and had a blast at Busch Gardens in Tampa.  Ten minutes into the park I had to get ice cream (no, really, my sugar was low) and after that we headed to see the kangaroos and wallabies.  Apparently, last time this gang went Walter the Wallaby (I'm sure this is his God given name) came out from behind his enclosure and said hello.  Maybe I gave off a bad wallaby vibe because this time Walter was nowhere to be seen.
I sure hope the pale kangaroo remembered his SPF 45.  As we continued on throughout our day, Kyle became a little mischievous.  Here you can see him sneaking up on Chad (who wanders off like a three-year-old every chance he gets) and holding him under the rollercoaster rails so the water splashes them.  It was hilarious!  Poor Chad was soaked!
We voted to relax for awhile so we headed for the train.  Here I met my future Sugar Daddy, the Train Conductor.  Don't hate. I can't help it if I find all the hotties.  Russell and I will be eloping next weekend. Sorry Drew, that's what you get for flying out to Ohio.  While the Yankee's away, his girl will say Choo Choo!
After the Train, I hitched a ride on a turtle and got absolutely nowhere.  They are not lying when they say these things move at a snail's pace.
Here a bird (or is it a duck? and how do you tell the difference?) is asking the turtle, "Sir, which way to the Lions?"  To my knowlegde the turtle didn't respond.
Unlike the duck/bird, we humans could follow the signs so we headed to the Lion areas.  How rude of us not to take along the duck/bird.  Rude.
I love the lions.  They are so peaceful and beautiful.  They remind me of my three kids except for the peaceful part.
I had such a good time!  It is so good to be around friends and to be able to just relax and belly laugh (and soon belly dance).  I bought an annual pass so I will be going back soon...hopefully next time Drew will be able to come with us.  :-)


  1. Sooooooo Much Fun......Can't wait to go time maybe Andrew will come so you don't have to answer all the light questions...We both enjoyed ourselves....sitting today relaxing and recovering....drinking coffee from my new mug..

  2. Looks like fun...and I love the free advertising that Ayers Carpentry got, I'm sure it's appreciated!!