Sunday, October 3, 2010

I applied to Cooking School

The St. Pete Times is offering 12 spots to Wishbone U for a cooking class.  So I applied. LOL. ;-)

October 3, 2010

Dear St. Petersburg Times’ Staff and Wishbone U,
My name is Nicole and I am a 28-year old Pharmacist living in Largo.   I graduated from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in 2008 and have worked for a chain pharmacy in the Largo area for the past six years (I attended the satellite campus for UF at the Seminole SPC campus).  I am originally from Trenton, a small town in north-western Florida. Trenton prides itself on its deep southern roots and close-knit community atmosphere.   Born and raised there, I speak with the tale tell southern drawl and pride myself on my small-town values and upbringing.  However, my southern “raising” has one major flaw.  My momma (a former Home Economics teacher!) did not teach me much about the kitchen and all it’s glory.  The truth be told, she tried with all her might but being the hard-headed child I was I turned up my nose to the learning she had to share and went about my merry way through undergraduate and post-graduate schooling happily microwaving Lean Cuisines and savoring the taste of Fruity Pebbles.
And now for the kicker.  About a year ago I met and fell in love with an amazing guy.  Andrew, bless his heart, loves me despite my poor kitchen skills.   He is en route to starting his own business and I am working hard to pay back Uncle Sam for my school loans, so we strive to dine out only two to three times a month.  On my off days (I work 14 hours every other day) we have dinner at my apartment.  These quiet dinner nights with my boyfriend are precious to me.  I have a small table with two stools and have become an avid and enthusiastic table setter.  I have started collecting random sets of two dinner plates and matching placemats at the local thrift shops and decorate my little table to the nines.  And then I serve dinner…out of a bag, box, or kit.  I know. It’s terrible. I’m educated. I’m southern. I’m in love.  And I can’t for the love of my three cats put a homemade meal together to save my life.

This will be our very first Thanksgiving (of many!) shared together.  We are both staying in Largo for the holiday due to work/time constraints instead of driving/flying home to see our respective families.  I want this to be a memory for us that will last forever. I want to prove to myself that I can cook! And I want to look over to the couch and see my boyfriend softly snoring from a Turkey tryptophan induced slumber on Thanksgiving afternoon and know in that moment all is right in the world.
I truly appreciate your consideration for a spot at Wishbone U.


  1. I agree with Crystal, how can they not pick you? Hope you are one of the 12! (o: